Docker Images

ImageDescriptionPortsVolumesDocker Hub
streav/managementManagement UI/dashboard for platform control.http 5000 https 5001-streav/management
streav/streamingCore operational and clients-facing component.http 5000 https 5001/streav/data for instance storage, and /streav/library for user library (Usually mapped to a local directory).streav/streaming
streav/apiAPI for 3rd party integrations.http 5000 https 5001-streav/api
streav/cliCommand Line Interface for platform administration.--streav/cli


Choose the tag that aligns with your specific requirements and deployment preferences.

latestThe latest stable release.
betaThe latest Beta release.
vXThe latest stable major version release.
vX.YThe latest stable minor version release.
vX.Y.ZStable patch version release.