Create a Transcode Profile

Transcode profiles allow you to define specific settings for video and audio transcoding, ensuring that your content is delivered in the desired quality and format. These profiles are reusable across both live streams and on-demand streams.

In the Streav Dashboard, select Settings from the menu bar and then choose Transcode Profiles.

Click New to proceed with creating a new profile.

Video Settings

  • Codec: Select the desired video codec. The default is "Copy," which means no transcoding.
  • Preset: Choose a preset for video encoding, such as "None," "Fast," "Ultra Fast," and more.
  • CRF (Constant Rate Factor): Adjust the CRF slider to control the video quality. Lower values result in higher quality.
  • Bitrate: Define the video bitrate for encoding.
  • Pixel Format: Select the pixel format for the video.
  • Frame Rate: Choose the frame rate for the video.
  • Profile: Specify the video profile (e.g., "None," "Baseline," etc.).
  • Level: Define the video level (e.g., "1.0," "1.1," etc.).
  • Resolution: Customize the video resolution. The source resolution is the default option.
  • Aspect Ratio: Define the aspect ratio of the video.
  • Scaling: Choose the scaling method, such as "Auto," "Neighbor," "Area," etc.

Audio Settings

  • Codec: Select the audio codec. The default is "Copy," which means no transcoding.
  • Quality: Choose the audio quality, either "Auto," "Mute," "Custom," or specify a bitrate (e.g., "96," "128," etc.).
  • Channel: Choose the audio channel configuration. The source channel is the default option.
  • Sample Rate: Choose the audio sample rate.

Video Filters

  • Deband, Deflicker, Deshake, Dejudder: Each filter has a switch control to enable or disable it.
  • Denoise: Choose the denoise level to reduce video noise.
  • Deinterlace: Select the deinterlace method to remove interlacing artifacts from the video.
  • Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Gamma, Rotate: Adjust these parameters using sliders.
  • Text Overlay: Customize text overlay on the video with options for text input, font selection, text font size, text font color, text position (e.g., "Custom," "Top Left," "Top Right," etc.), and text background color.

Audio Filters

  • Volume: Adjust the audio volume.
  • Contrast: Modify the audio contrast.

After configuring the desired settings, click the Create button to create the new transcode profile. This profile can then be applied to both live streams and on-demand streams.