Create a Subscriber

Creating a new subscriber allows you to provide access to specific content based on individual user preferences and restrictions. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a new subscriber.

In the Streav Dashboard, select Subscribers from the menu bar and then choose Manage.

Click New and proceed with creating a new subscriber.

Step 1: General

  • Access Token: A cryptographically secure and unique token is automatically generated for each subscriber. This can be regenerated if necessary.
  • Username: If left blank, the system will auto-generate a username.
  • Email: Subscriber's email address for communication.
  • Expiration Date: Set the date when the subscriber's access will expire. Check Unlimited checkbox for unlimited access.
  • Max Connections: Define the number of concurrent connections a subscriber can have.
  • Trial: Toggle this if the subscriber is on trial period.
  • Owner: Assign an owner from existing users if this subscriber is managed by a specific administrator.
  • Note: Any additional information or special instructions can be added here.

Click Next to specify content bundles.

Step 2: Bundles

  • Add Bundles: Select from available content bundles that include various combinations of live streams, movies, and shows.
  • Order: Arrange the order of bundles as they should appear or be prioritized for the subscriber.

After selecting and ordering the bundles, click Next to define access restrictions.

Step 3: Restrictions

  • Streaming Formats: Enable or disable streaming formats like MPEG TS and HLS according to the subscriber's device capabilities.
  • Countries: Restrict the subscriber's access to certain countries by adding or removing countries from the list.
  • IP Address & User Agent: Add specific IP addresses and user agents if access needs to be restricted to certain devices or browsers.

Review all settings to ensure they match the desired configurations for the new subscriber.

Click the Create button to finalize the subscription. The subscriber will now have access to the content as per the defined settings and restrictions.

To revoke the subscriber's access at any point, simply update the subscriber's details by regenerating the access token, effectively disabling the old token and securing the content.