Create a Playlist

Creating custom playlists allows subscribers to have access to their preferred content in a compact and easy-to-navigate format. This guide will outline the process of generating a new playlist.

In the Streav Dashboard, navigate to Subscribers from the menu bar and select Manage.

Expand a subscriber to reveal their playlists and click New to initiate the creation of a new playlist.

Step 1: General

  • Name: Assign a unique name to your playlist.
  • Format: Choose the playlist format, such as M3U, depending on the subscriber's device compatibility.

Click Next to proceed to content selection.

Step 2: Live Streams

  • Format: Select the appropriate format for live streams, such as MPEGTS or HLS.
  • Content: Choose what type of live content to include, such as Standard and Radio streams.
  • TV Guide: Toggle on to enable EPG and include EPG metadata in the playlist file.

After setting up live streams, click Next to configure on-demand content.

Step 3: On-Demand Streams

  • Format: Decide on the playlist format for on-demand content, such as Static File or HLS.
  • Content: Choose the types of on-demand content you wish to add, such as Movies and Shows.

Proceed by clicking Next to bundle various content.

Step 4: Bundles

  • Include All: Enable this option to select all available bundles and hide individual bundle selection. This is ideal for creating comprehensive playlists without the need to manually pick each bundle.
  • Bundle Selection: If 'Include All' is off, manually select the bundles you want to add to the playlist. Here, you can curate a list of content tailored to the subscriber's preferences.

Ensure all the details are correct and the playlist includes all the desired content and settings.

Click the Create button to complete the process. Upon creation, a new dialog will appear, presenting the newly generated playlist URLs. These URLs provide direct access to the custom playlist, which can be distributed to the subscriber for immediate use.