Create an On-Demand Stream

On-demand streams allow viewers to access content at any time, providing the flexibility to watch pre-recorded content as per their convenience, unlike live streams which are broadcast in real-time.

This user guide will help you through the setup of a new on-demand stream on your platform.

In the Streav Dashboard, select On-Demand Streams from the menu bar and then choose Manage.

Click New, and a pop-up selection will appear, displaying two types: Video and Audio.

  • Video: Choose this option for a standard video stream that includes both audio and video.
  • Audio: Select this option if you want to create an audio-only stream with video omitted.

Proceed with your choice and follow the multi-step dialog:

Step 1: General

  • Name: Give your on-demand stream a unique name.
  • Description: Describe the content of your stream.

Click Next to continue to source selection.

Step 2: Source

  • Source Type: Decide whether your stream source is a URL or a Local File.
    • If URL is selected, input the direct link to your video file.
    • For Local File, navigate through the nodes to locate and select your video file.

Once the source is selected, click Next to define the routing.

Step 3: Routing

Use the interactive flow diagram to establish the connection from your source to the end clients. Simply drag to connect the nodes and set up the streaming path.

After setting up the routing, click Next to proceed to transcoding options.

Step 4: Transcoding

By default, the system copies settings from the source stream (Copy transcode profile).

If needed, enable the New toggle to create a new transcoding profile. Otherwise, select an existing profile from the Transcode Profile dropdown menu. This will determine the video quality and format sent to your viewers.

Refer to Create a New Transcode Profile for more information.

With the transcoding configuration complete, click Next to access additional settings.

Step 5: Miscellaneous

  • Format:
    • Copy Format: Enable this to use the stream's original format.
    • Select Format: Choose from available formats (e.g., MP4, MKV) if a specific format is required for your stream.

Review your configurations to ensure all details are correct.

Click the Create button to complete the setup process. Your on-demand stream will begin processing immediately, making it available for viewers to access.