Create a Live Stream

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a new live stream on your platform.

In Streav Dashboard, click Live Streams in the menu bar and then click Manage.

Click New, and a pop-up selection will appear, displaying two types: Standard and Radio.

  • Standard: Choose this option for a standard live stream that includes both audio and video.
  • Radio: Select this option if you want to create an audio-only live stream with video omitted.

Proceed with your choice and follow the multi-step dialog:

Step 1: General

  • Stream Name: Enter a unique name for your live stream.
  • Logo URL: If you have a logo for your stream, paste the URL here.
  • Category: Choose the appropriate categories for your stream.
  • Description: Provide a brief description of what your stream is about.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Sources

  • Primary Source: Insert the URL of your main streaming source.
  • Backup Sources: Provide alternative sources to be used if the primary source fails.

Click Next to configure the routing.

Step 3: Routing

  • On Demand: Toggle this switch on if you want the live stream to start only when a client requests it. This option allows you to control when the stream becomes available.
  • Routing Flow Diagram: Configure the routing between your sources, nodes, and clients using the interactive flow diagram. Drag connections to define the routing path.

Click Next after configuring the routing to move to the transcoding settings.

Step 4: Transcoding

By default, the system copies settings from the source stream (Copy transcode profile).

If needed, enable the New toggle to create a new transcoding profile. Otherwise, select an existing profile from the Transcode Profile dropdown menu. This will determine the video quality and format sent to your viewers.

Refer to Create a New Transcode Profile for more information.

When the transcoding setup is complete, click Next to finalize the miscellaneous settings.

Step 5: Miscellaneous

  • Timeshift:
    • Enabled: Toggle this on to allow viewers to pause and rewind the live stream.
    • Window: Set the duration for the timeshift feature. This determines how far back viewers can rewind. Adjust this by clicking the - or + buttons or by typing in a value, then select the appropriate time unit (e.g., minutes, hours).
  • Auto Restart: Enable this option if you want the stream to automatically restart periodically.
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide): Configure this if you wish to provide a schedule or program guide for your viewers.
  • HTTP: If your source is an HTTP-based streaming protocol, configure the necessary settings here.

After adjusting these miscellaneous settings, review all the steps to ensure that all information is correct and complete.

Click the Create button to finalize the creation of your new live stream.