Create a Bundle

Bundles are curated collections of content such as live streams, movies, and shows that you can offer to your subscribers. This guide will assist you in creating a new bundle on your platform.

Begin by navigating to the Catalog section in the main menu and select Bundles.

Click New and follow these steps:

Step 1: General

  • Name: Assign a unique name to your bundle.
  • Description: Provide a description of what the bundle includes.

Click Next to add content to your bundle.

Step 2: Add Content

  • Live Streams: Search, filter and include specific live streams into your bundle.
  • Movies: Similarly, add movies to your bundle by selecting the Movies tab, and follow the same process as adding live streams.
  • Shows: For shows, switch to the Shows tab, and again, follow the same process.

Arrange the order of the content within the bundle as needed.

Double-check all entered information and selected content, and click the Create button. Your new bundle will now be available for subscribers.

Remember, you can always return to the bundle settings to make adjustments or updates as your content offerings evolve.